Business Areas

Business Areas

Viatel develops its business activity within the Telecommunications Network Engineering sector, working with fixed and mobile networks, next generation networks, systems and all types of technological infrastructures.
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Commercial Area
1 - Description of D2D Activity

- The Commercial Teams develop their direct selling activity according to the methodology of door-to-door contact, granting the full execution of the established procedures by the Commercial Direction of Viatel and granting the quality of sales, as well as the satisfaction of all clients.

- Our Organisation’s Structure is composed by:


      - Commercial Director – Responsible for commercial operation and for granting the planning and establishment of strategies of revitalisation and activity control;

      - Sales Coordinator – Responsible for management, planning and control of the commercial teams; ensures the execution of the established methodologies and prin ciples by the Commercial Direction;

      - Team Leader – Responsible for Reception, Training and Follow-up of the Commercial Consultants;

      - Commercial Consultant – Sells, respecting the principles of quality and integrity, as well as the established rules and methodologies.

2 - Services

Professional services provided to clients in business and telecommunications areas:

      - Traditional operators of fixed network
      - Mobile operators
      - New entries – licence holders
      - Internet service suppliers
      - Companies (public or private)
      - Utilities – telecommunications suppliers

3 - Telemarketing

- Organisation of data base
- Management of clients and promotion of products
- Execution of enquiries about clients’ satisfaction

4 - Sales and services

- Elaboration of marketing plans
- Elaboration of product files
- Coordination, training and follow-up of the sales team

Commercial Area
Viatel Worldwide
Viatel Worldwide

Besides Portugal, Viatel is present in all continents as excellence partner of many of the main global operators, namely in Spain, France, Belgium, Romania, Angola, Mozambique and Caribbean.

Mobile Networks and Wireless Solutions
  • Conception of Global Solutions in Technologies such as GSM, UMTS, LTE, BroadCast, DVBT/H, BWA, MW – IP, SDH, PDH
  • Solutions M2M, IoT and SMART CITIES
  • Planning and/or Optimisation of Wireless Telecommunication Networks
  • Benchmarking of Wireless Telecommunication Networks
  • Search of Locations
  • Sites’ negotiation and rent
  • Processes of municipal licensing (PAM)
  • Study and conception of “turnkey” solutions
  • Technical-economic Feasibility Study
  • Projects for implementation of infrastructures
  • Stability estimations and structural analysis
  • Projects of environmental integration
  • Projects of 3D Simulation
  • Data Centres and Central Equipment Rooms
  • Base Stations for Mobile and  Wireless Telecommunications
  • Macro/micro, indoor/outdoor sites
  • Transmission sites (MW)
  • Sites of Maritime Radar and Video Surveillance
  • General infrastructures (civil, electricity and AVAC)
  • Solutions of environmental integration
  • GSM, UMTS, LTE, Wimax, MW and Broadcast
  • Re-engineering of Sites
  • Sectoring and Optimisations
  • SWAPS of RF/Transmission equipment
  • Commissioning and integration
  • Drive Tests and Walk Tests
  • PIM and VSWR Measures
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
  • NOC Services
  • Front Line Maintenance
  • 24/7 Helpdesk Services
  • Management of Repair and Delivery
  • Management of Warehouses
  • Management of Mobile and Portable Units
  • Measurements of electromagnetic radiations
  • Noise Measurements
Mobile Networks and Wireless Solutions
Fixed and Next Generation Networks
Fixed and Next Generation Networks
1 - Project
- Telecommunication networks in the different technologies existing in the market:
      - Copper pair networks
      - HFC / coaxial network
      - GPON / optic fibre network
- Cross-areas experience
- Topographic update
- Maps and schematics scanning
- Technical survey
- Network structuring and solutions optimising
- Sizing and budgeting
- Design
- Organisation of the licensing files
- Permits of public and private entities
- Accomplishment of the executive project
- Work planning
2 - Infrastructures

- Underground obstacles’ research and survey
- Ditches opening, ducts construction and monopipe installation
- Construction of manholes and access galleries
- Special works and structural works


Underground infrastructures 

- Marking and poles paths’ construction
- Paths confirmation
- Path installation on walls

3 - Installation
- Installation and connection of symmetrical pair cables, coaxial cables and optic fibre cables
- Inter-connection network
- Installation of terminal equipment
Subscriber network

- Installation of subscribers outdoor and indoor network, copper network and fibre optic network (FTTH)
- Installation of terminal equipment

4 - Maintenance
Preventive maintenance

- Definition and parameterisation of quality indicators
- Maintenance of network through access line indexed to quality indicators
- Update and maintenance of the tests planning
- Network check routine


Corrective Maintenance

- Malfunction’s location, identification and distribution
- Malfunction’s repair and correction
- Final testing (checking).

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